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Online Donations


The most impactful way to contribute to Step Up America is through an online donation. By reducing overhead and administrative expenses, online donations allow us to focus more resources on producing and promoting our courses. Consider making a gift today through our secure donation form.


Peer to Peer / Event Fundraising


Step Up America encourages supporters to engage their friends and local communities through fundraising events and social campaigns. By leveraging existing relationships, these engagements raise both money and awareness of Step Up America mission.

Community events are common backdrops for fundraising, but any occasion that brings people together is a perfect opportunity for a Peer to Peer campaign. Attending Step Up America events not only helps to fundraise but also gets the word out about Step Up America!


Check/Mail-In Donations


Please ensure all checks are made payable to Step Up America. Our mailing address is:

Step Up America
1069 Main Street Suite 101
Sebastian, FL 32958

Along with your check, please include your email address and/or phone number so we can keep you up to date on the latest that's happening at Step Up America


Stock gifts


For stock held in brokerage accounts, your broker can assist you in making a gift of stock via a direct transfer to Step Up America. Giving a gift of publicly traded stock that has increased in value and that you have owned for more than one year may provide better tax benefits than giving cash. Your charitable income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of the stock and you avoid paying the capital gains tax on any increase in the current value over the original cost of the stock. You may also save on brokerage fees because you are transferring ownership rather than selling the stock.


Please contact us at Info@ascfusa.org  to make a stock transfer. Or ask your broker to assist you in transferring your stock to the following account:


Step Up America Legacy Society


Your membership in the Step Up America Society will have meaning and impact for generations to come. Legacy giving to Step Up America does not require a large income or vast estate. It only requires an intention to make a difference by identifying Step Up America in your will, estate plan, life insurance policy or retirement plan!

By sharing a few details about your commitment you empower, and completing the letter of intent, Step Up America program to:

  • Have a clear understanding of your giving intent.

  • Honor your wishes in the instance of uncertainty.

  • Plan for the future of Step Up America.

  • Measure our long-term support for our role in keeping Freedom Alive.

For more information please contact Lane Solomon, Development Officer at lsolomon@ascfusa.org or (772) 388-2490.