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The mission of Step Up America: A Call To Good Citizenship is to educate our youth on how to become responsible, engaged U.S. Citizens. The ASCF firmly believes that the security of our country lies in educating our future generations on the importance of civic engagement, and embracing the fundamental values this country was founded on.


Created by the American Security Council Foundation (ASCF), Step Up America: A Call To
Good Citizenship was developed in 2014 due to a lack of education in civics. Today’s youth lack
understanding of the Constitution and a poor understanding of how our system of government
works. “Step Up America” is designed to address these issues.


Established in 1958, the American Security Council Foundation (ASCF) is an organization whose sole purpose is to educate and inform American Citizens and our political leadership about the global challenges to the national security, the economic security, and the diplomatic security of the United States.